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Product Description

PC Flexiclay is an special polymer compound with high flexibility and elongation.
It performs good adhesion to wood, metal plastic and concrete. It used together with PC Addshield to seal joint and crack with seamless and smooth surface.

Typical Properties

Appearance: semi-solid, gray compound with high flexibility.


The surface have to avoid contamination, dry tightly with out oil, grease or dust.
For old surface was painted in the last time, can should peel it out before and clean its. About the cracking cement must be coated with PC Addshield as primer first, ten minute seal joint with PC Flexiclay worm up the PC Flexiclay for so soft preferably before full seal on cracking surface. After that applied top coat by PC Addshield for high performance protection.


Store in cool and dry place.


Keep away from heat, sparks, open flame and the children, wear gloves when use its.